Noodler’s Baystate Blue Ink : Review

For at least a year of my life I was firmly of the opinion that this was the blue ink and that none of the rest mattered. Baystate Blue is the most vibrant, in-your-face blue that I’ve encountered. I love the hue, I love that it dries quickly, and I love the fact that it is practically waterproof.

That said, there are a couple of well-known issues with the ink that may be cause for concern for some people. It is not pH neutral, so it’s not ideal for people who need archival-quality ink, and it can react badly with other inks if they’re mixed. It also might stain some pens a bit, though a little bleach will usually take care of that.

Because the ink is so vibrant and evenly saturated, it doesn’t offer much shading, either.

Private Reserve American Blue ink swatch comparison

I’ll be coming back to add more to this review, but let me just say now that Baystate Blue is still one of my favorite inks of all time, regardless of color, especially because of its water resistance.

What do you think? Is the vibrant color worth the hassle? Let me know in the comments below.

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