Regalia Paper from Endless Stationery

Last week, a pair of new notebooks showed up in my mailbox from Endless Stationery in India. I’m not sure how they got my address, and I certainly didn’t agree to do review their products, but I’m glad that they sent them anyway… and they’re very worthy of a review.

“Regalia” is a paper made by Endless in India, according to their website, but if I hadn’t been told differently, I’d have guessed that it’s a variation of Cosmo Air Snow. Like Cosmo, it’s a clean white paper, and it has a soft surface with some nib-drag like Cosmo papers.

I’ll let you gather in the details for yourself in the video above, but Regalia paper is astoundingly good: sheening, shading, ghosting, feathering and bleed-through… in all of the categories that fountain pen users usually care about, it is absolutely first-rate. It now sits firmly atop my list of favorite papers.

The problems? It does pick up oils from my fingers, creating little spots on the page that won’t take ink, though it does so to a lesser degree than Cosmo papers, in my initial tests.

It’s also not widely available yet, a problem that will be easy to remedy. So far, it only seems to be available on the Endless Stationery website [they’re widely available, now (11/16/22], and only in dot grid or 7mm ruled pages in their Endless Recorder Notebooks, Creative Blocks, and Storyboards.

My final complaint (though one of the most serious) is that it is not available in standard, A5-sized soft-cover notebooks, similar to the size of the Cosmo Note or Midori MD notebooks, or the dozens of other brand from Europe or Japan. Luckily, this would be another easy matter to fix.

Minor complaints aside, Regalia is now one of my favorite papers. If you like Cosmo Air Light or Snow, you’ll love Regalia.

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