Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Ink : Review

A few years ago, just as my obsession with inks was starting to grab me, I ran across the Pelikan Edelstein series on inks on Amazon, and I immediately knew that I had to get one simply because of how much I liked the bottles. Sad but true. I started browsing through the various reviews on Amazon and saw some pictures that made Topaz look like a bright blue ink, so I bought it.

But it’s not a bright blue; it’s more of a light turquoise. It’s a beautiful color, if that’s what you’re expecting, but I was not, so after playing around with it for a couple of days, it sat unused at the back of my bottle collection for a couple of years before I rediscovered it (pretty much the same story is true of Pilot kon-peki, too, actually).

As is true with many inks, the color will appear a little more blue or green depending on the paper you use, but I think these images are pretty representative. I opted for the more popular Rhodia dot notebook for this one, even though Clairfontaine is my preferred paper.

pelikan edelstein topaz ink review sheet

Edelstein Topaz is a medium flow ink, leaning a bit wet, but it has been well-behaved for me. I don’t get any feathering or bleed through, but I only use the ink on paper that is not prone to those problems anyway. It dries pretty quickly, at around 25-30 seconds. It’s not water resistant.

I’ll have a few more photos to add to this page, but for now, I’ll leave it at this. All in all, it’s a great ink if you like the color (and I do).

What do you think of Pelikan Edelstein inks? Do you have a favorite color? This is my only bottle in the line, at the moment, and I’m hoping to get more soon. Let me know below.

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