Noodler’s Ink Store-Exclusives: A Scavenger Hunt Begins

An attempt at a complete list of Noodler's inks that are exclusively sold at a single location.

Before I had to cancel my trip to Tokyo in April, I had read all about the various exclusive Sailor inks that can be found all over Japan. For some reason, though, it didn’t occur to me that there were exclusive inks to be found in the USA. Of course there are.

Blackstone Lemur Lime Ink Bottle and Ink Swabs for Review Cover
Blackstone’s “Lemur Lime” is sold exclusively at Lemur Ink.

I ran across Blackstone’s exclusive “Lemur Lime” at Lemur Ink, and immediately bought it (review here). Colorverse has a couple of Dromgoole’s exclusive inks (NASA Blue and Purple Cosmo… I bought them last week), and Robert Oster has at least one exclusive ink at Vanness (Berry d’Arche… not in my collection, yet).

Then I remembered that Goulet Pens had an exclusive Noodler’s Ink called “Liberty’s Elysium” and when I searched for it, I found that it was not the only one. There are at least three exclusive Noodler’s inks available from Goulet, and of course, that made me wonder how many others were out there.

Bottles of Noodler's Anti-Fascist Blue and Noodlers Steel Blue
Here are two Dromgoole’s exclusive inks from Noodler’s: Anti-Fascist Blue, an anti-feathering bulletproof dark blue ink, and Steel Blue, another bullet-proof ink.

It turns out that there have been a lot of them. Many of them were made for shops that have now closed. Some were made as small batches and are now sold out, and in some cases, the dyes required for certain inks are no longer available.

Noodler's "The Azure Main" and "The Plains Blue Rainbow" Ink Bottles
Noodler’s “The Plains Blue Rainbow” and “The Azure Main” Inks

But quite a few still exist. These are the American ones that I have discovered so far, including some that may not be available currently. Some inks, like Upper Ganges Blue, used to be exclusive but are now widely available, so I’ve removed them from my list:

Noodler’s Canadian & UK Exclusive Inks

I’ll try to forget for the moment that the Canadian border is closed to US residents at the moment and mention that there are some popular Canadian exclusive inks as well.

Some of the UK inks are now readily available in the USA, so I’ve left them off the list. These include Socrates and Mata Hari’s Cordial.

Like many of you, I’m sick of being cooped up at home (or at least, in my own city) and I’m ready to get out on the road. As I thought about these inks, I started imagining a road trip… a long, ink road trip around the country, collecting exclusive Noodler’s inks.

Noodler's Ink Revolution Blue and Liberty's Elysium
Noodler’s “Revolution Blue” and “Liberty’s Elysium” Inks

My quest will have to begin with Goulet Pens, of course, because they don’t have a brick and mortar location. And then? Maybe I’ll head for Texas, by way of California…

What Noodler’s Exclusive Inks Have I Missed?

I’m pretty sure that Noodler’s has exclusive inks for shops outside the USA, and I’ve ignored them completely so far. But if you know of ANY Noodler’s exclusive inks that are not in my list above, please let me know!

  1. Noodlers North Star Liberator
    Noodlers Stockholm Indigo
    Noodlers Van Gogh Starry Night

    I have a thing for Blue’s

  2. There’s Pacific Dawn at the Golden Gate that was a Straits Pens exclusive from 2016. (A US named Ink for a Singapore Distributor) There’s reviews of it and I got to try it out at a pen show last year (2021) at the testing lounge for the San Francisco Pen Show. I can’t stress enough what a strange ink this is. It goes down watery almost like blue paint water and then as it oxidizes it shifts from a deep blue to lightening and bringing out pink and red tones. It really did remind me of a rising dawn. It’s not as distinct as perhaps some other blue inks that sheen red, or as clearly pink and blue like some of Robert Oster’s inks. Instead it seems to settle into a blue-grey with a reddish haze. It goes though this shift pretty fast as it’s a fast drying ink, it was surreal to watch happen seconds before my eyes. Alas, while the Straits Pen co still seems to be in business, their web store is no longer working. It’s unknown if this ink exists anymore for sale. Rare ink indeed if you can find it. I really want some myself. Macchiato man has a really good review here, even Chromatography.

    1. Ooh, that’s a really interesting one! I’m guessing that there might be a bottle or two out there for the serious collector, but I’ll probably never see one myself at this point.

  3. I have some bottles of a rare Noodler’s Ink. You could only buy it in Sweden and only in the city of Stockholm. The name of this ink is “Noodler’s Stockholm Indego””. It’s very waterproof and also UV lightproof, perfect for signing important papers and spionasje. I got a friend in Sweden to buy me 20 bottles. They had already taken it from the shelf’s. So I got them for a good price. I regret not buying them all for trading to collectors of Noddler’s Ink, and I guess there are some collectors out there. Anyway, I have around 4-7 bottles of this ink that I’m willing to trade for other ink, any brand (I’m not so much into Noodler’s). These bottles have pretty much ink in them at 3oz.
    If interested, please contact me.
    Best regards
    Thomas Aasen, NORWAY

    1. Hello Thomas,
      Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I doubt that I have any ink that would be worthy of a trade… most of my inks are pretty basic. Good luck!
      – Matthew

    2. Hello Thomas!

      Sweden here. 😀
      I am VERY interested in the Stockholm ink! Sadly, I am not sure I have any ink that you would be interested in, but please let me know if you have something particular in mind. I do have some spare bottles of some limited Lamy inks from the last years, some unavailable now, if that would be of interest (not the rarest I’m afraid).

      Hoppas att du hör av dig, vill verkligen ha tag på det enda svenska bläcket av Noodler’s!

      Hälsningar från grannen, 😄

  4. Thanks for your ink review. Was pleasantly surprised to see that a favorite of mine made your list, (Canadian) Wonderpens’ Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham. I “discovered” this ink via a favorable review from VittaR’s YouTube channel. It’s an Eternal ink that behaves well on my engineering notebook paper, and a nice blue hue that I enjoy. Unfortunately, True Blue Anti-Fascist is fashionably out of stock. Hopefully it will be restocked, it looks promising.

  5. Hi, I think you might add four inks made by Noodler´s exclusively for the Fountain Pen Network: Dumas Tulipe Noire, Galileo Manuscript Brown, Van Gogh Starry Night & Votaire Candide Vermilion.

    Stockholm Indigo was made exclusive for NK in Stockholm.

    For the UK market they have El Lawrence, but I´m not sure is exclusive to any store so it might not fit in your list of exclusive inks 😉

    1. Thanks for the help! Since I originally posted this, I’ve also found a few more UK market inks and US market inks, and with the ones that you’ve added… looks like it’s time for me to update this article 🙂

    2. Hi Maria.
      I still have around 3-7 bottles of “Noodler’s Ink Stockholm Indego” left for trading in other inks. I do collect both Ink and Fountain Pens, but Ink is my passion even I don’t have the big collection. The bottle is an 3 Oz by weight, so there’s plenty of ink. It is water resistant and UV lightproof. (A real spy ink and signature ink. Would be great before the age of computers). So if you’re interested or know of some who collects the Noddler’s Ink and would like this rare one that was only sold in Sweden and in the city of Stockholm, let me know.
      Most sincere
      Thomas Aasen, Norway
      (I tried to take picture of the bottle, but it wouldn’t take it. I’m an amature with mobil camera.)

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