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Diamine Red Dragon Ink : Review

As I mentioned in a previous review, I bought a bunch of Diamine inks at wonderfully low prices from the Pilotfish storefront on Amazon, from the UK. Adding this 30ml ink to my order cost about $1.60 (plus $2 shipping), so I went ahead an got it, even though I wasn’t particularly interested in the color (I also got Blood Orange, Oxblood and Firefly in the same order).

And I got what I expected. Diamine Red Dragon is a very even red hue, with minimal shading and variation, but a cool name. The red hue is a rich crimson, and while there’s nothing particularly exciting about it, it is a very solid color.

Diamine Red Dragon ink swab

Flow with Diamine Red Dragon is just slightly on the dry side of medium, and drying time is nice and quick at around 20-25 seconds on Clairfontaine paper. The ink is not at all water resistant.

Diamine Red Dragon Ink Review Sheet

I don’t get any sort of sheen or shimmer with Red Dragon.

I don’t have a lot of reds to compare it with. It’s more of a true red than Blood Orange, which is more of a reddish orange, and of course, firefly is really just an orange. Oxblood is much darker and a bit more blue.

And that’s about it for Red Dragon. It’s pretty nice, but I’m not really crazy over.

What are your favorite reds? I’m always on the hunt.

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