Herbin Bleu Pervenche Ink (Periwinkle Blue): Review

I doubt that I’ll be the first person to point out that the name of Herbin’s Bleu Pervenche ink doesn’t make much sense. If you didn’t speak French and ran across this ink, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the name translates to “Periwinkle Blue”; periwinkle is of course a color midway between blue and purple. And this ink is not. It’s much more like a light turquoise.

Herbin Bleu Pervenche Ink Swabs

I bought this little bottle of ink at a stationery shop in Seattle’s Chinatown (International District, properly speaking) because it was cheap (about $6 for the 10ml bottle) and a color of blue that I didn’t already own, and it was remarkable that I didn’t walk out of there with more bottles. I see now that they can be had for $5.50 online at Jet Pens, but they’re over $10 on Amazon, so I don’t feel ripped off.

Anyway, I had no idea what a pervenche1Clearly this should be the word for a French pervert. You can imagine all the reasons why he might be blue. was, so it didn’t bother me until after I’d already happily spent some time with the ink in a flex pen.

Herbin Bleu Pervenche ink drops and swab

Light blues like this are wonderful in flex pens. Maybe I’m just inexperienced with flex pens (I am), but when I use my favorite vibrant blue inks in them, they line is so heavy that it’s often lost in an inky blackness. Not so with a light blue, which transforms into a rich, vibrant shade.

Flow is good and wet whether you’re using a flex pen or not; I’d call this medium-wet/wet. The ink feels a little watery.

Herbin Bleu Pervenche ink review sheet

Bleu Pervenche dries quickly on my Rhodia notebook, usually between 20 and 25 seconds. It’s not even remotely water-resistant.

Herbin Bleu Pervenche ink swatch comparison

My closest ink to the Bleu Pervenche is Pelikan’s Edelstein Topaz, which is just slightly darker and more blue. Iroshizuku kon-peki is even darker and more blue.

All in all, I’m very happy with Bleu Pervenche, although it’s still early days and I’m glad that I didn’t buy it with the expectation of periwinkle ink. I can see this one getting a lot of use in my flex-nib pens, along with Lemur Lime.

What do you think about Herbin inks? So far I’ve liked all of the ones I’ve tried, but that’s only a few.

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