Waterman Blue-Black Ink bottle and swatch for review

Waterman Blue-Black Ink : Review

This ink used to belong to my mother; it was given to her by my dad along with a Waterman pen in the early to mid 1990s, I believe. I remember using it when I was in high school, and I inherited them both along with a bottle of Levenger Amethyst several years ago.

I don’t know whether this is the same ink as Waterman’s current Mysterious Blue, since I haven’t used it yet, but from the samples that I’ve seen, the colors don’t look similar.

Waterman Blue-black ink swab, long.

My Waterman Blue-Black is a dark, saturated purple-leaning blue, but it’s always possible that some of this is the result of color-shift and evaporation over time. I’m not bothering with any sort of dry-time testing because the ink is so old, but it’s not a quick-dry… it seems to be right around 1 minute on Tomoe River paper, and there’s no water resistance.

Waterman Blue-Black ink swab close-up
Some “sheen” is visible here at the end of the swab and around the edges until the second bend.

I was a little surprised to discover that the ink was giving me a slight purple-black sheen, though not enough to be visible during normal writing.

Sample writing with Waterman Blue-Black ink.
The Sailor Jentle Blue-Black is much more similar to what I expect from a blue-black: low saturation, and more like a grey-blue.

Otherwise, the most distinctive feature of this ink is its smell, which is camp-fire smokey. Odd.

Color comparison swatches of Private Reserve American Blue ink, Waterman Blue-Black ink, and Levenger Amethyst ink.
My Waterman Blue-Black is surprisingly similar to Private Reserve American Blue.

Ultimately, this “review” won’t really be valuable to anyone but me, since the ink is so old and not produced anymore, and may not be typical of what else is out there. Still, it’s a nice ink; it still writes well (medium flow) and the color is beautiful, and it’s an important ink bottle to me.

Anyone else have an ink bottle that is particularly meaningful to them, for reasons beyond the contents of the bottle? I’d love to hear about it.

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